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importer and distributor of fresh cut flowers

Continental Flowers is a leading grower, importer and distributor of fresh cut flowers. With several farms in Bogota, Colombia, and Medellin, Colombia,

Importers, distributors and growers of the best fresh-cut, wholesale flowers worldwide to the floral trade. 

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors® is a family-owned and operated importer, distributor and grower of premium, fresh-cut wholesale flowers from around the world.

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Miaflora Farms is an importer and distributor specializing in providing a wide variety of premium Fresh Cut Flowers to the wholesale market in the USA and Canada. With 40 years of experience in fresh cut flower growing and marketing; it is our goal to become your source of top quality fresh cut flowers, while providing you with the kind of service required to become your supplier of choice.

importer and distributor of fresh cut flowers

Natuflora represents a new generation of Colombian growers, focusing on state-of-the-art horticultural techniques while understanding the delicate balance between corporate goals and social and ecological responsibility. We are more than 200 acres of producing farms in Colombia, employing 1,200 people, growing a variety of Roses, and other seasonal flowers.””

Falcon Farms is a national company with a regional focus

Flowers for Events

Prime Petals is a one stop shop for all your floral needs. We are a boutique importer of premium flowers from around the world. You won’t find any red tape here. We act fast, work fast, and deliver fast! Have an impossible order to fill – and need it yesterday? Of course you do!

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